Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Japanese hair straightening?

I found this stuff on the internet: Conair One 'n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener. It says it's just like Japanese hair straightening, and it's only like 30 dollars. What do you think? Has anyone dont it at home before?

Japanese hair straightening?

I got it done at the salon...cost $450 bucks but SOOOO worth it. My hair was "poofy" not really curly except around my crown. Now it's silky smooth and I can go sweat and it can rain and it can be humid and NOTHING happens!! It used to be really bad, especially when it got humid outside (even ironing it wouldn't help because the humidity would kill it within an hour, especially near my scalp where I would sweat)

However, if there is a cheaper way to do it, awesome. What I would do if I were you is buy it and try it on a strand of hair. That's standard practice.

Use a strand that's on the under part of your hair so that if it falls of or turns green, you're ok! haha

AND then of course, email me and tell me how it went!!!!!! As my hair grows in, I'd love to save money doing touchups for the part around my face

Japanese hair straightening?

I would not do that if i were u. But many salons mess up and your hair is all stiff and split ends be sure to go to go to a good salon

Japanese hair straightening?

My daughter has a Chi. It's kind of expensive, but it's the best straightener on the market. It's an iron, but her hair stays straight for days until her next wash. You can get one on ebay, or your nearest beauty supply store. Good luck!

Japanese hair straightening?

I don't know anything about it, but looked it up and found it for 23.99 on this site.

Japanese hair straightening?

Well it sounds great

give it a try

I have a straghner at home that only lasts for one day or until you take a shower.

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