Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair help?pls????

i have very fine(thin) dark brown wavy hair.and theyre just 2 inches past my shoulder.they're thin and a bit dry.

i wanted them straight so i got this hair straightener. its satinliner from braun.

i've used it only on my front hair and it seemed to work well.

but i read in a few places that we're supposed to use a hair styling and protecting cream before straightening it.

1.)so, which one should i use?

the options i have are- sunsilk, pantene, vo5(styling and nourishing), and garnier fructis.

2.)also, whats better-leave in conditioner(does it protect hair)? or the creams?

3.)what do u put in ur hair to help in straightening and protecting it?

Hair help?pls????

I would be careful about using an iron on your hair since it's so fine and dry. I used to use a straightening iron, but it totally jacked my hair up, so this is what i do now: i put a anti-frizz serum in my hair (jon frieda makes a good one) when it's damp. Then I use a square paddle brush and on a low heat setting i dry my hair straight. Thermasilk products work pretty well too.

Hair help?pls????

If your hair is think and your straightening often I would use a pro shampoo, conditioner and weekly reconstructor....

My favorite is Joico Kpak line....

I would use the Joico Kpak Stregnthing tonic or the Intergrity both are leave in conditioners....

Kpak Smoothing balm is an awesome heat activated styling and straightening creme...

Pro products are highly concentrated but expensive, I know its hard, but with its concentration I only have to buy maybe twice a year or less....

The biggest problem with prof. products is teenagers who don't understand concentrated or

Hair help?pls????

2. you should always use cream conditioner but if you need a little help out of the shower spray a tiny bit of stay in.

i have the same kind of hair sep a little longer %26amp; it works for me.

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