Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping my hair pin straight all day long?

Right now I have a wet-to-straight hair straightener. I also have very thick hair with a natural wave to it. When I straighten my hair it looks really good as soon as I do it, then 5 minutes later, the ends of my hair immediately curl under a little bit. Is it because I need a better straightener? Are there any products I could use to help?

Keeping my hair pin straight all day long?

Okay, I used to have this exact same problem. So, my mom got me a new straightener called a Chi. You have to dry your hair first though. I generally blow it dry so it is really volumized then clip it up and straighten it in sections. Also, two products that help are FrizzEase and Pantene Pro-V Strong hair gel. You put it in when your hair is wet.

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