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Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

I have really puffy hair, not so much curly but very puffy. It's to the point where I cannot go in public without looking grungy unless I straighten it, which I do using a CHI hair straightener. The straightener works great but it is very time consuming to do everytime I take a shower. I know that it's possible to get it permantly done at a salon but how well does this method work, how long does it last, and about how much would it cost considering my hair legnth is above my shoulders. [It can be pulled back into a pontytail and reaches a little past my chin].

If you could help me out that'd be great. Thanks!

Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

The most recent and advanced method of permanent hair straightening is known as Japanese hair straightening (also called thermal conditioning). This system was brought to the U.S. from Japan in 1998. It閳ユ獨 kinder to the hair than the old treatments which used hydroxides and lye. Various supporting products and treatments have been developed since 1998 which make this the premier hair straightening technique.

How do I know if hair straightening will work for me?

Look for a hair stylist who is specifically trained to work with hair straightening. She閳ユ獟l be able to assess your hair and give you a recommendation. Not all hair types are suited for traditional straightening, but the new Japanese hair treatment will work well on almost everybody閳ユ獨 hair.

The first step is to do a strand test of your hair. This will determine the best strength of the relaxer to be used. Your stylist will also examine your hair閳ユ獨 texture, elasticity, and porosity, and will assess any damage present.

What hair products are used?

There are 5 kinds of hair products used:

璺?Chemical hair relaxer formula


璺?Petroleum cream

璺?Shampoos designed specifically for relaxers

璺?Hair relaxing conditioners

These will be customized to your hair閳ユ獨 requirements.

How long does it take?

Anywhere from 3 闄?to 6 hours. There are 4 main steps to the procedure:

1. To avoid any chemical burning, a protective petroleum cream may be applied to protect the scalp and also to your hair it it閳ユ獨 been previously relaxed or damaged.

2. A chemical hair relaxer is then applied to loosen, soften, and relax your natural curls. If your hair is overly porous or slightly damaged from being previously over-processed, your stylist may use a conditioner-filler before applying the relaxer. The relaxer is left on for the right amount of time for your hair, and then thoroughly rinsed out with warm water.

3. Then a neutralizer is applied to your hair to oxidize and restore its pH level. This is because if the relaxer created too high a pH (too alkaline), your hair could swell and break.

4. Next, a conditioner is applied. There are two types, the cream conditioners and the protein or liquid conditioners. The best type will be used for your hair, to restore some of its natural oils.

Post-relaxing hair care

If a mild hair relaxer is used, such as Ammonium Thioglycolate, known as 閳ユ涪hio閳? there is little risk of your hair being damaged. However, any hair that has been relaxed will need special ongoing care, both to protect the hair and to retain the effects of the straightening.

Relaxed hair becomes a lot more dry. So you should limit your use of hot blow dryers and hot styling tools. And since relaxed hair is also more porous, be sure and rinse all shampoo out very completely. Use a shampoo that閳ユ獨 designed for relaxed hair.

Relaxed hair tends to break more easily, so be sure and use a good deep conditioner at least once a week. Also use a good leave-in conditioner after shampooing. Conditioners will coat the hair and restore oils and proteins that were stripped by the chemical processing. This smoothes the damaged outer surface of the hair and makes it more shiny.

When combing out tangles, do it very gently. Use a wide-tooth pick and start at the ends, working in towards the scalp.

What about touch-ups?

Many people like to have their hair professionally straightened at a salon, but like to do relaxing touchups at home. This can work well, as long as you閳ユ獧e very careful to apply the touch-up only to the new growth. Don閳ユ獩 apply it to the previously relaxed hair because that will possibly cause it to break.

According to Jacquelyn, the office manager at Salon Cabochon in Sacramento, California, hair straightening has become very popular. "Our curly-headed clients enjoy the dramatic change that hair straightening can offer," she said recently. 閳ユ窔t gives them a whole new feeling about themselves.閳?br>Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

I have curly hair and I use the Chi too. I asked my hair stylist if its possible for me to use it she said that your hair has to be really healthy because their is a possibilty that your hair can fall out. So you should relax your hair every week for like a couple of months before you permanenlty straighten it.

Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

your hair is just gonna grow back so it would be a waste of money

Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

It lasts about 3-4 months. The cost depends on where you go. Permenent Hair Straightening isnt safe for your hair though. It'll damage it, but I guess if it's really bothering you then it'll be worth it! :)

Question about Permanent Hair Straightening...?

i looked it up and it says that its lasts until you cut it off or it grows out. To style, you can simply blow dry and smooth out with a flat iron for silky shiny tresses. Touch up applications on the regrowth is necessary every 6 to 9 months depending on hair texture and rate of growth. This is not a service to jump into lightly. You must be sure you are ready for a permanent change, since this process is definitely not reversible. Proper homecare is crucial. You must use the recommended protein rich shampoo, conditioner %26amp; hair treatments designed to maintain your new look. Protein and moisture are the crucial ingredients in these haircare products. Hair that is not properly maintained will become fuzzy, dull and breakage could occur. dependin on length it cost 50 to 80 dollars. and you might actually want to get it done every 3 to 4 monthes. good luck.

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