Friday, November 13, 2009

Straightening wavy hair?

I have medium length wavy hair and I use a hair straightener on it.. what are the cheapest products I could use on my hair to help it from becoming so damaged and breaking off? Also, are wet to dry straighteners better for your hair than regular ones? Thanks =)

Straightening wavy hair?

Why do you straighten your hair?

Go to a really great hair cutter and get an excellent hair cut that incorporates your waves. Just take it easy.

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Straightening wavy hair?

Biolage spray has one where you spray it on, and then straighten, and then your ends don't get dryed and ed and split. I had the same problem. The place I got it was Great Clips.


Straightening wavy hair?

NO, wet to dry hair straightners aren't healthy for your hair, get a gold- plated straightner

Straightening wavy hair?

That is the problem right there. I have realized that if you use cheap products then you get cheap results. I use aveda shampoo and conditioner and my hair is a lot more controllable. Then I used a hair straightener on it and then I use a type of de frizzer of some type to put on after it is dried and straightened. And it is best to straighten your hair after it is fully dried!

Straightening wavy hair?

My biggest suggestion is to go to a salon or a beauty supply and ask about the product.

what i do to keep my hair on the healthy side (i staighten it almost every day) is to keep it conditioned.

every month or two, use a deep conditioner. you can get them for fairly cheap at the beauty supply, since they are available in one or two uses worth.

as far as wet to dry staighteners, they are very bad for your hair!!

is essense, they boil your hair. it fries it even more than the average straightener would.

all in all, keep it conditioned and do not use a wet to dry straightener.

Straightening wavy hair?

I use panteen pro V strengthening conditioner. and yess wet to dry straighteners do not fry your hair if there is even a little moisture in it while the normal ones would

Straightening wavy hair?

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Some cheap products won't protect your hair as well as the more expensive brands. Use a product like Brilliant Damage Control by Aveda to protect your hair from heat styling and UV damage.

As far as flat irons go, try using a ceramic plated one. They are not as harsh on the hair as gold plated ones. If you are blowdrying your hair with round brushes before using a flat iron, you can also find round brushes that are ceramic plated. The wet to dry flat irons do NOT work. If your hair gets naturally curly when you take a shower, it will have the same result with a steaming flat iron. Some will claim that you can use their iron on wet hair, but all that will do is fry your hair. Water is a natural conducter, so when your hair is wet and heat is applied to it, it will damage it more than if your hair were dry.

If you want your hair to be healthy you will need to get regular trims to take off the damage from the heat...styling products can only help but so much.

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