Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

I have babyliss hair straighteners, and I left them on for 2 minutes so that they could heat up, and I put them through my fringe, and clumps of hair came out and burnt like plastic on the straightners, now I only have one layer of fringe. It looks RIDICULOUS ! The straightners are ptobably broke, im not bothered about them though, what should I do !!!!??

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

Go see a hairstylist; they will TRY and fix your fringe as best as they can.

Dont use your Straigtners again.


Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

You'll need to take a picture because frankly, I'm not sure what you mean; I wasn't even aware a straightener could become hot enough to DO that.

Aside from that, call your stylist ASAP - they've been to school so they'll know what to do better than I do.

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

Try to stay away from straightners from now on. They are very bad for your hair...they dry it out and like you have seen they burn the hair. all you can do now is try putting in a deep leave in conditioner for a little while. Rinse it out and gently comb your hair. for the next coupld of weeks repeat with the conditioner. try to nourish your hair. Also beer is very good for your hair.

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

either try staying way from straighteners, or if u still want to straighten your hair..go for straighteners with better-quality like solia, or loreal!!

hope this helps.

good luck.=)

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

Out of what I understand - you own a Babyliss Flat Iron...that malfunctioned by over heating, or it has a temperature setting that you have not adjusted for your hair type. Also, there is a skill involved while straightening hair, one can not grab a chunk of hair and just hold it there, you must move a section of hair through fast with quicker strokes, instead of one long one that may, indeed result in burn hair.

Sorry to say - your fringe is in trouble. Nothing will bring that hair back, you must wait for it to grow out with the help of a hair dresser. It will be well worth the money to invest in a skilled hair stylist for now, instead of those $10 studios full of...students. A skilled stylist will trim off the burned, visible ends, take some other hair around the area and also trim to form a new fringe with some layers in it. He may guide you to a bit of a change of a hair style to accomodate the new bang.

Bring your flat iron with you for the appointment, a skilled dresser will show you how to test if the irons are too hot, (There is a paper test that anyone using those things should perform once in awhile.)


Beer is only remotely good for...overly oily hair - duh, think about it, beer=alcohol content, does alcohol moisturize hair? Quite the contrary. If anything, a little bit of virgin olive oil massaged into the dead ends, but nothing will beat a proffessional treatment that you can purchase at a beauty supply store, or your new hairdresser.

Good luck.

Hair straightners burned of a layer of hair !!!!!!!?

one, PLEASE get rid of it, it's obviously no good.

make an oppointment with a well-known hair stylist and let

her no about your problem.

she'll tell what to do and not to do, and what straightners are

best for your type of hair.


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