Monday, November 16, 2009

Mens frizzy hair!?

i usually have about 3" long hair and i always style it and i love it like that! but when i go to get it cut i cant put product into it, and its as frizzy as hell! i hate going out in public with it like that (which is why i usually get a lift to the barbers!)

what can i do on the days that i don't get a lift?

i don't really want to use sissy products, hair straighteners, frizz control spray etc! home remedies preferred!

Mens frizzy hair!?

Try a Marine issue hair cut. That should take care of the problem....

Semper Fi!

Mens frizzy hair!?

redken smooth down heat glide it's not sissy it's pricy it's $15.99 real salon products

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