Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

Alright, so for 13 years of my life, I had very nice soft straight hair. And when it almost hit summer, my hair turned Puffy, Thick, Curly, Dried, Frizzy, and super light. I shampoo daily ad stay clean. After I shower my hair looks fine. And then after about 10minutes, its nasty. Every morning I would spend time to blow dry, Hair Straightener, and gel. I tried a haircut, no luck. And during the summer when I realised it, I even shaved my hair bald to grow out perfect clean hair and i got the same results. What should I do :[

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

Your hair changed from baby/child hair to your adult hair. It happened to me too. I am now 37 and didn't figure out what was happening until I found an amazing hair dresser.

We need good product. Go to any drugstore and get either Paul Mitchel or Redkin (never use biolage it is too drying for our type of hair).

I use Paul Mitchel (it is the cheapest for great product) moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing shampoo and then I use Marc Anthony simply straight cream (CVS, $8 lasts for about 4 months) and whether I leave my hair in a clip to dry (comes out wavy and pretty) or blow dry and straiten it always looks nice.

I have 2 kids and they both have my hair and my daughter is 16 and is always getting compliments on her hair and my little boy is 3 and I use Paul Mitchel leave in conditioner and it keeps his hair from being dry and frizzy.

I promise if you try it you will love your hair.

Good luck!

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

you need hair therapy

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

You need to stop frying your hair with a blow dryer, hair straightener and all of that other stuff. Use special frizz control shampoos and also use frizz control creams.

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

Buy a hair straightener and put more product in your hair.

Good Hair to Nasty Hair?

i agree with the hair therapy but also using the flat iron kills your hair and it WiLL make it worse!

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