Friday, November 13, 2009

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

Hi, i'm looking online to but a pair of GHD's but theres so many different types i dont know which is best!! I'll prob be wearing my hair straight more than curls, but i have quite naturally curly hair, so would they be suitable anyway?!

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

i dont know which ones, but my hairdresser uses ghd and they'r fab! dont leave them plugged in tho, they have an off button but its been getting overloaded and causing fires. so just make sure whichever ones you choose, you always unplug them!

try asking your hairdresser or even contact ghd and see which ones they recommend, always works for me

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

it totally depends on the thickness of your hair, if it is quite thick go for the big flat ones if it isn't go for a slimmer pair, you can curl you hair with them all!!!!

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

the cheapest ones as they are a ridiculous price!!! i have one from when they 1st came out and its still going!!!

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

i have ghd's and they are very good the smaller ones are the best I have really thick frizzy hair and the ghd's make my hair look a lot thinner then what it is. They are definitely worth the price.

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

i use the small skinny ones.. i first brought them wen they came out.. and seriously they are a life saver!! its totally worth every penny girl!

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

The New One

$240.00ghd styler 1"

The new-generation ghd styler curls as easily as it straightens. When it comes to heat-styling, it閳ユ獨 the ultimate in versatility. The new ghd styler senses the porosity of your hair type, applying and maintaining the perfect amount of heat while styling.

Innovative digital control improves styling success, advanced ceramic heaters give the ultimate in static-free sheen and 閳ユΞleep mode閳?閳?the new built-in safety feature - turns the styler off if it閳ユ獨 left unattended for 30 minutes. And it閳ユ獨 styling technology you can take it absolutely anywhere; new universal voltage means you can style your way round the world and still get the same fantastic ghd performance.

But just to straighten..the one i have is

ceramic salon styler 2"

Salon approved to straighten and smooth hair and create movement, curls and texture, the ghd salon styler combines advanced ceramic technology with wider plates. This enables you to quickly work through larger sections of hair which makes it ideal for thicker or heavier hair such as Afro Caribbean.

Thanks to its unique built-in microprocessor, the ghd salon styler conducts heat fast and retains it more effectively too. The result? Instant long lasting heat for optimum styling control. Plus its advanced infra-red heat actually protects your hair by sealing in its natural oils, moisture and hair colour.

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

use the small skinny ones

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

The salon styler is the best as it has wider plates, great if your hair is naturally wavy and or thick

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

Hi i have naturally thick curly long hair, and i use the thick plated ones. However i have the small plated ones as well, so i use both of them when straightening different parts of my hair.

The thick plated should be your first option.

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?


omg i know i was exactly the same lol

i got the wide plates seeing as my hair is quite think and sometimes frizzy

if your hair is thick or and long i suggest the wide plates

if your hair is thin and weak and maybe short i would suggest the ghd mini styler

if your hair is normal go for the new one

good luck x

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

mk3 are the older style which are about an inch thick i think. the newer version are mk4, they have looser plates which make it easier to curl hair. i have naturally thick course hair and i dont have the thicker ones. i think it generally depends what you want and what you can afford.

the new ones are for sale on ebay for about 鎷?9.99....i got mine there and i ahve had no problems. i think they generslly retail for about 鎷?20. pls you get a free heat protection spray

:o) hope this helps

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

i think the new ones arent as good - so i would say the old ones becuase you can stil curl with them

i use the mark 4 ones! ( the middlish size!)

Hope this helps

GHD hair straighteners? which one?!?

the standard ghd have now changed so there more rounded at the ends easier for curling but there just as good for straightening. but be carefull ordering online ther is so many false ones going around if they havent got the hologram on when you get then then im afraid there false ones

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