Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair help! pleaseeee?

ok..well how can i make my hair to look really straight!? i use a hair straightener..but i dont want to use it often..what i heard that getting your hair in layers..and thinning it out..will that help? :(

Hair help! pleaseeee?

I used to be you!! I was so lost in the hair thing so I made my hair stylist give me a crash course on my hair..

If your hair is poofy or frizzy like mine was, layers and thinning aren't gonna help-it's just gonna make it harder to straighten..

Did you know that straighteners don't hurt your hair? That's right, if you use them correctly, they don't hurt it a bit..

Using them correctly basically includes using conditioner in the shower and using a good straightening serum or cream before you use your striaghtener. I use straightening serum from Matrix-it's about $20 for a little bottle but the bottle lasts forever and it really really works! You just work it into your hair before you straighten..

Hope I helped a little..

Good luck :)

Hair help! pleaseeee?

if your hair is really thick then when you get out of the shower take a round brush and blowdry each piece of hair until it looks pretty straight. if your hair is still not as staight as you want then take your straighter. hope this helps

Hair help! pleaseeee?


You'll need to really take care of your hair with conditioner and treatments, but rebonding is the best!

Hair help! pleaseeee?


i know you say you don't like straighteners, but some straighteners don't damage your hair.

If i was you i would take a look at

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