Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair falling out?

the hair near the top of my head(like if I part it down the middle) looks like someone took som, scissors and cut it off there's like an inch of hair left and I'm only 16, someone said it might be anesthesia from my surgery about a month ago but it looked like it had been cut a week before my surgrey in one area, it all over now and I also use hair straightener but it never affected me before?

Hair falling out?

taking the right vitamins and supplement in your daily diet would help hair growth, you also need to have head massage for proper blood circulation in the scalp:

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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair falling out?

i did read somewhere that anesthesia sometimes does make your hair fall out, you can alwasy just ask your doctor about it. but if its growing back then dont sweat it. lack of vitamins can cause your hair to be fragil, stressing out because of the sergery.

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