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Help! hair nd make-up!?

I start my new school a week tuesday and have no clue how to do my hair or make up to look good. i have like totally forgotten how to do that as i have moved and been at school about 2months. I have long hair mid chest length nd it a light brown with with little highlights. I also need new hair straighteners i have andrew collinge 200 c but they are making my fringe stick out and takes ages to straighten the layers.

Help! hair nd make-up!?

wear your hair straight. If you need a new straightener, check out My personal recommendation is either HAI or Solia...they're both amazing professional straighteners at a great price (under $100). In terms of makeup, i suggest that you only wear mascara, lip gloss, and maybe a little bronzer on your cheeks. Try to have your makeup as natural as possible. If you have blotchy or broken out skin, then you should wear a little foundation. But, remember you have to go to school everyday; so, don't set your standards too high because you're not going to always have time to get ready and you don't want to go without makeup one day and have people look at you like "wow, she's having a bad day"

Help! hair nd make-up!?

have your hair curly...if you sleep on it wet and put mousee in it when you wake up it should be wavy and curly and tht.

Help! hair nd make-up!?

Just make sure that you don't over do it. You don't want to look like you tried to hard. So keep the make up on the light side.

Help! hair nd make-up!?

Make sure you condition your hair so it's not so frizzy. Also if you have split ends consider getting them trimmed off.

Make-up looks best when it's kept pretty natural- shimmery eyeshadow that matches your skin tone, a bit of mascara, and shiny lip gloss that's sheer and lets your lips show thru.

Help! hair nd make-up!?

curly hair.

bit of eyeliner on the top %26amp; bottem lid and abit of mascara:)

Help! hair nd make-up!?

Rusk is a good straighter

i have one

my hair is very wavy and it heats up pretty fast and it is amazing

Help! hair nd make-up!?

Well, being 13, i'd know this ;) LOL

I think you should keep your make-up very subtle (very light and natural-colours)

What i use is; foundation and foundation powder (of my skin tone), blusher (very light pink), eyeliner (black), and quite a lot of mascara but i like mascara i don't recommend it, if you don't like alot of it LOL. But i really recommend it. :)

As for hair.. i swear by GHD's they're bloody brilliant. I have layers too, and a fringe but they sort them out all together instead of individually. Don't bother straightening them individually, like you said it takes forever and a day. But ALWAYS use protection spray on your hair. And also you can keep your hair up in a ponytail or pigtails or whatever.

Don't go over the top though, some girls in year 10 looks like barbie dolls and my school LOL

Good Luck at your new school


Help! hair nd make-up!?

well if you cant be bothered straighting it, why not leave it curly/wavey?

ansd also for your makeup, i dont think you should go OTT cos like people might get the wrong impression, but maybe subtle foundation, blusher and mascara?

hope i helped :)

Lauren x

Help! hair nd make-up!?

For your hair (if it seems frizzy) I advise you use Got2B Crazy Sleek. Its in an Orange cylinder container. And with your make-up... don't worry, I'm sure your gorgeous, maybe a dark mascara, and eyeliner on the top and bottom with a brown or gold tone for eye shadow. =)

Help! hair nd make-up!?

Well here are tons of beautiful and stunning ways that you can do your makeup

And as for your hair I would use wear it like in scrunchy curls, because those are really in trust me.

And as for clothes, I love Bebe so I would suggest this kind of style

Hope these ideas help!

Help! hair nd make-up!?

I personally think the best way to do you're hair for your first day at a new school is up in a high pony-tail. This is always fashionable, suits practically everyone, and at a new shcool you never know quite how strict the rules are on little things like this.

For make up you should really go for the natural look, but use make up to do so, just use nuetral colours and covers any blemishes or acne. Again you don't know how strict the teachers our on this. If you keep it natural but atill are wearin some, no one can say anything bad about the way you look.

And after a few days you will know how everyone else does their hair and make up... then floolw on, but remember be yourself, unique and original.

Help I've helped you out Becky x

Help! hair nd make-up!?

For hair I would say get a good wash in it so it's healthy, and then blowdry, to volumize. %26amp; straighten it, to defrizz, then since your hair is so long (mine is too) I usually curl the ends under, after a while they loosen up and look really smooth- gives it more body.

For makeup, curl your eyelashes and swipe on some mascara. If your into eyeliner and eyeshadow add some, like maybe a nice light creme color for eyeshadow and dark brown for eyeliner.

Looking for a new straightener? The best straightener in the world is a Chi. I swear it works amazing, but I don't have one. They are sooo expensive, but if you don't want an expensive one Conair and Bedhead have great straighteners. Make sure you get a ceramic.

Good Luck!!

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