Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair help!!!!?

Ok i saw this hair straightener on T.V, and it wasn't like regular straightener it didn't damage ur hair, and i was wondering if anyone could give me some links of something like that strightenener, not the same one bc i didn't give enough info but something like that doesn't damage ur hair as much as other ones

Thanx a lot!

Hair help!!!!?

All heat straighteners will eventually damage your hair, especially if used daily and if they are used without products to protect hair from damage. Ceramic irons are best and Chi irons are often recommended. However I had problems with three Chi irons shorting out after a few months and read on about others having the same problem so i bought a Sedu last time that worked as well or better. But ultimately, despite using products my hair got damaged from daily straightening and I stopped and went curly awhile ago. My hair is much healthier and prettier now.

Hair help!!!!?

i think that what you are talking about was a marketing device to catch your attention.

the basics about straighteners are that ceramic straighteners are the best kinds to get.

they can give you straight, or curly looks, and won't damage your hair, IF you use it as directed.

so that excludes holding the straightener on the same chunk of hair for 45 seconds as you watch the steam float up.

you will fry your hair if you do that.

also it would be a wise decision to buy some sort of heat protection spray or use a special shampoo to keep your hair healthy.

Hair help!!!!?

Most of those things on tv are not actually going to do what they say they are. I'm a hair stylist and i like my Chi straightner, i'm also a big fan of paul brown flat irons. Definatly spend a little more money and get a professional. The best way to protect your hair from damage is to buy a thermal protectant product. Chi makes one but so do many different lines. good luck

Hair help!!!!?

well that thingys a lil liar

all straighteners damage hair but my suggestion is. . .

get After Party by bedhead its in a pink bottle

put it on your hair b4 you straighen and it'll stop it from burning and getting split ends

i have no split ends b.c of it its awesome!!!

xoxo Mightymouse

Hair help!!!!?

It probably said it would damage your hair less, and professional straighteners usually do. However, you always need to use a heat protectant spray.

Hair help!!!!?

any straightener that is ceramic will decrease the chances of damaged hair but you still have to use a heat protectant everytime you apply heat to your hair.

Hair help!!!!?

i luv using the chi straightner. it's the best

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