Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair straightening help!?

I have real long hair and its naturally wavy,i have a hair straightener from a thrift shop but it doesnt work very well.

My hair doesnt "get dried out" very quickly-- soo does anyone have any help how to straighten it without paying to much money, [no salon stuff-- i dont get my hair done at "public" places]


Hair straightening help!?

Girl! I use the clothes iron! Protect your hair with hair serum. After blow drying it. Brush it out and have someone divide it and iron it out on the ironing board. You have to be on your knees with your head tilted near the board. The other person gets a section of your hair and brushes and irons it straight. TRUST me it works like a regular hair iron but alot faster. Don't have it set on high... do it on Medium-ish. and don't use steam! Be careful not to get burned near your scalp!

Hair straightening help!?

there is a revlon straightner that you can buy at walmart like 20 dollars or so. and it make my really curly hair super straight. the straightner is white.

Hair straightening help!?

You can always use your iron.

When I was young I used to put my hair on the ironing board and iron out my hair. I have thick wavy hair and it worked.

But seriously....your better off spending the money on a flat iron and not one from walmart....get one with salon quality you will not disappointed.....I love mine...if you know a hair dresser you can always get them to get you one at wholesale price....or buy one on ebay

good luck

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