Monday, November 16, 2009

What causes my hair to fall?

Im only 16 and each time i run my hand through my hair , im left with about 20 strands of hair in my hand.

Sometimes it just falls by itself onto my shirt.

I used to use a hair straightener daily about 2-3 months ago, but only after i stopped using it i noticed my hair was falling.

The doctor told me it could be due to stress....but i havent stressed over anything lately.

I have naturally thin hair so i really dont want to lose anymore of it.

Could someone please help?

What causes my hair to fall?

you might just be noticing it now because you stopped using the straightener. hair falls out naturally, but when you don't brush your hair a lot, and if it's not perfectly straight from the straightener, hairs fall out but stay tangled up in your hair. so they don't come off of your head until you run your hand through and get a handful of hair. try brushing your hair more and see what happens.

even though your hair is already thin, i wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it getting even thinner.

What causes my hair to fall?

you lose about 100 hairs a day it may not be due to stress

What causes my hair to fall?

this is exactly like my sister! she too is facing this problem...

okay besides a straightener limit your hair drying using a hot dryer...also this could be scalp condition so seek advice from a skin centre or a tricologist who specialise in hair...

try out TCM (traditional chinese medicine) because they have different methods to treat but seek a specialist first. ginseng root extract apparently helps but do check it out first...


What causes my hair to fall?

try braiding................and stop combing too much

What causes my hair to fall?

try not to use anything that can pull hair out (i.e. a big brush, rubber bands for pony tails, try not to run your hands thru it too much, don't rub it with a towel, no heat.)

What causes my hair to fall?

Hey, I have heaps of hair, and every time I run my fingers through I have hairs in my fingers and when I comb I have a way hairy comb, its a natural thing , I know, but it makes me wonder why Im not bald but I am not, there are way many hairs on your head, dont worry, Your fine.....

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