Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair ideas for school?

Does anyone have any good hair ideas for school? I have thick red hair with little highlights. I own a hair straightener and curler.

Hair ideas for school?

there are lots of options, and I know sometimes i'll forget about all that and get into a ponytail rut.

you could pull half of it into a ponytail and then take the ponytail and what's not in the ponytail and make that into a ponytail.

side ponytails are really cute, esp. if you have clips or ribbons to put in your hair.

headbands for any occasion= adorable.

if you have the time one morning, you could section off the inch closest to your face, and then separate those into eight peices, and make those into little braids. pull your hair back into a ponytail with those on top.

experiment with parts. try it on one side and then the other. try zig-zag parts too.

a low ponytail or messy bun with your hair parted to the side looks pretty good.

i think red hair looks really good long and wavy. if it's naturally wavy, great. if not, use the curling iron. then maybe a green scarf to keep it out of your face.

straighten your hair, then pull back a section of hair about 3" wide at the top of your head and pouf it a little bit, not too much, but so there's body, then pin it about halfway back on your head, and curl the remainders. way cute.

pigtails are cute every once in a while. french braid ones are really cute too. try not to overdo pigtails, though, you might come off as too immature.

section off the inch of hair closest to your face, split it by your natural part, and twist it away from your face. then pull the twisted hair back and clip over wavy hair.

there are plenty more, all you need is imagination!

Hair ideas for school?

That was really good Report It

Hair ideas for school?

I think time-saving would be your #1 concern (it is mine). When my hair was longer I used to do messy buns... they take no time at all and look sexy. A ponytail is boring but an ok standby... I find unless you wash your hair the night before and get up early that curling or straightening takes too much time. Heat styling is damaging anyway, so you could just save it for special occasions?

Hair ideas for school?

A nice simple straight style, maybe with beautiful crystal barrettes or a beautiful hair band.

Hair ideas for school?

Wear blue hair accessories because redheads look great in blue!

Straight and Sleek: Straighten your hair. Clip a blue barette in your hair.

Retro: Wear a blue headband at where your bangs "begin" if you have them, or near your forehead if you don't have bangs. Back comb your hair (brush all of your hair backward so you will see no part.) Spray this with hairspray so it stays in place. Curl the ends of your hair.

Loose waves: Curl your hair with a 1"-2" curling iron. Start so that the ends of your hair are sticking out; don't start at the tip. Spray your waves with hairspray so they don't go flat.

I hope this helps!

Hair ideas for school?

Well I have long bangs and I always pin them back with a cute barette.

Hair ideas for school?

cut your hair with bangs and straighten it once in a while, decorate it with green accessories.

Hair ideas for school?

Buy a crimper. Every One will copy You Trust me

Hair ideas for school?

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