Friday, November 13, 2009

Chemical hair straighteners?

here's the skinny

i hate my hair and i want it to be straight lol

maybe it will look better but i want to do it myself where can i buy a do it at home kit i dont want pussy stuff like hair relaxers i want the strong stuff and i cant go to a salon because my mum will think im a queer

Chemical hair straighteners?

sounds like one hell of a "skinny"

well u can buy a straightener at shoppers or some other drugstore place. the moderately good ones are at least 40$. the hair relaxers are expensive and hardy do anything anyways, so don't even think about it. i'm not sure what u mean as a kit...all it is is a straighener.

ok, if you do get the relaxer you'd have to use special expensive shampoos and yes, conditioners. so yeah she would think your a queer. (no offence) if you don't use these then it'd probably last even less then it did for me.

Chemical hair straighteners?

that ***** stuff you refer to, relaxers, IS the "strong stuff."

If you do it yourself, you may make your hair fall out. What's the difference between doing it yourself and hiring someone to do it? Work on your self-image a little bit. Just tell her you're going for a haircut and you decided to get your hair relaxed while you were there. Don't try it yourself.

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