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Straighten Curly Hair?

I have VERY curly hair. Like to the point where I can hide pencils and whatnot in there...

(Picture : )

What can get this straight? I cannot afford to chemically straighten it. Do you think any of these products would work?

-Straightening shampoo

-Wet-to-Dry straightener (my hair gets straighter when its wet, so maybe if I brush it, then straighten it before it gets curlier?)


Or maybe I combination? I don't know. But I desperately need straight hair!! Thanks everyone!

Straighten Curly Hair?

lmao, your hair looks like mine. except im a girl. and i straighten everyday. okay this is what i do.

1. use a straightening inhansing shampoo, i use Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight shampoo and conditioner and sometimes instead i Herbal Essences None Of Your Frizziness shampoo and conditioner because straighting your hair everyday is gonna totally make it frizzy and dry. so maybe instead of those you should just use shampoo and use a deep conditioner once every week.

2. let your hair air dry, then brush though it

3. (opitional) Bed Head TIGI Control Freak Extra Extra Straight spray. i use this so when i straighten my hair wont fry as much

4. use a wet to set straightener, i use Vidal Sassoon Wet to Set Straightener, it works pretty good. :)

5. to polish off the look, smooth After-Party Bed Head TIGI cream, but dont put too much on top of your head because it will look really greasy

okay, well don't shower every day, if its possible, shower like every other day. or you must shower everyday, put ur hair in a bath cap or something, so you dont have to redo it everyday.

in the morning, when getting ready for what ever you do, just straighten a little bit, like a touch up, and put After Paryt cream stuff on your ends and anywhere it looks really dry to finish it off.

hope that helps.

love kris10

Straighten Curly Hair?

Why dont you cut it off the ladies would probably love u more

Straighten Curly Hair?

Ive been using Sunsilk products (they have diff products for diff hair) Im BLUE (blue is for poofy hair) its makes the poof go away....its actually hair isnt as bad as what it was. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and after creme.............look at the Sunsilk products ($3 each here in TN) and read the bottle- see which color you are...products working for me...

ALso, buy a hair straightener. I use it on my bangs and the 1 I got is only $30 from Sallys Beauty Supply (also buy at walmart)

Good Luck!

Straighten Curly Hair?

cut your hair,get a nice short haircut...that will look better i guess

Straighten Curly Hair?

Oooooo! You are so lucky to have curly hair. It makes you unique. My brother has curly hair like you and what worked for him was growing it out.... and putting it in a pony tail or just letting it go crazy. There are some products that will help tame your hair..... Sap moss an Aveda product works well for me.... and Confixor from aveda works as well..... it tames with out making your hair greasy or crunchy.

Straighten Curly Hair?

non of those products really work. i had super curly hair and did the japanese straightening thing, but it cost $100 an hour usually and my hair is long so it took like 5 hours.

if your looking for product, i like paul mitchel super skinny shampoo and conditioner, it doesnt make it straight but healthier so when you straighten it, your hair doesnt get damaged. hot tools professional ceramic hair straighteners work the best, but it takes time to do everyday. gels that say they make it easier to blow dry your hair straight dont work- trust me i had tried them ALL. they kinda give your hair a weird texture and doesnt do anything. and if you jsut brush your hair a lot like you said it will just leave it poofy and frizzy.

BEST bet if you need to do it cheaply, but a hair straightener, it will still cost about $60 but its the only thing that works besides getting it chemically done

Straighten Curly Hair?

hello my name is christina, and from a girls point of view, i like it curly. But thats one girls opinion. Anyway there is really nothing you can do to help it. So what iI suggest to do, is shave it all off. Maybe this new look will make it seem like your hair is not curly. Anyway my point is, you look fine the way you are, but if you feel uncomfortable, try a new look (shave it off) of braids. I dont know its up to you. Good luck!

Straighten Curly Hair?

I have also have curly hair and have grown tired of it at times. I bought a ceramic flat iron called wet 2 dry, it's by remmington and can be used when your hair is wet and it dry's it as it straightnes it. You can also use a perm solution to straighten your hair, use it as you would for a perm but without the rods of course, and just keep combing it through for 10-20 minutes depending on how straight you want your hair. If this isn't an option for you, the only other thing I know of is to use a brush and blow dry your hair while holding your hair tightly on the brush and pulling it straight at the same time. Ceramic flat irons come in different price ranges and your hair stays straight until you get it wet or wash it, then you will have to redo it. Hope you get some useful information from this that will help you get what you want, let us know.

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