Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

I used to straighten my hair a lot using a ceramic hair straightener but have stopped that habit. I have also stopped dying/highlighting my hair. My hair is growing out "new" since I've really cut it down to the appropriate length in order to rid all the bad chemicals and damage.

I'm not sure whether to pick up blow-drying now in order to speed things up and make things easier. Will it damage my hair?

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

Depends on your hair style and long your hair is. I generally have "wash andwear" cuts.

Using high heat is bad for your hair.

A gentle low setting is best but ittakes forever to dry hair.

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

my opinion is that blowdrying only works is ur hair naturally straight. other wise it will puff up like mine.; )

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

Blow drying does damage your hair. Personally I think it's easier to air dry it and that doesn't damage it.

If you do decide to blow dry it, it will get dry and damaged and when that happens make some homemade hair masks-------

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

no it shouldnt do anymore damage..but it actually makes my hair sorta poofy so i dont blow dry

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

I don't know about "speeding things up" because heat styling is damaging to hair, period. However, you can use a hair dryer to give your hair a desired style and/or volume. A hair dryer makes hair look great if the appropriate technnique is used, but the ultimate effect is that it will further damage and heat fry your hair.

What are your opinions on blow-drying hair?

Yes. Overdrying the hair causes strands to dry out and break. Your best bet is to blowdry your hair 80 percent dry, and let the rest dry naturally. When you can, you should skip the blowdryer altogether.

Here are some ways to prevent or "help" prevent damage to your hair:

1) Use a thermal protector when using heat. See "thermal protectors" under conditioners

2) Do not blow dry the hair completely dry. Leave a little moisture in.

3) Use a conditioner with U.V. protectors built in.

4) Use a low or no ammonia hair color.

5) Air oxidize perms instead of using the neutralizer.

6) Never brush wet or damp hair. Use a wide toothed comb.

7) On dry hair use a boars hair brush and start at the ends and work up.

8) Clarify your hair after you swim.

9) Blow dry on the "cool" setting.

10) Eat protein rich foods (chicken, fish, nuts) - Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids (not from animal sources [they contain cholesterol]-only from botanical sources) -

I hope i was helpful

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