Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair straighteners in AUSTRALIA?

i know they have GHDs and remington and all those ones.

but out of the really good well known ones usch as




and so on

can yu purchase them in australia

all i know of the major expensive great straighteners that are for purchase here are GHDS.

any help wud be greatly apareciated!!

also if u cud say what shops!


Hair straighteners in AUSTRALIA?

you can get a ghd from hairhouse warehouse, price attack, etc.

there are many hair shops around that stock them.

Just have a look around.

Hair straighteners in AUSTRALIA?

you can purchase GHD's in australia

and you can find them in any good hair salon or shops that sell hair products

I recommend a GHD because it has moisture lock so it wont dry out your hair and ruin it.

I dont know if i even answered your question but yeahh


Hair straighteners in AUSTRALIA?

I got the conair hair straighter from usa wal-mart cermaic techlogy.

Maybe you can alright one at wal-mart if they have on your country. They sell stuff over the internet it. Cost about 50.00 of here

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