Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

I want my hair straight for the morning.

But i don't have time to wash it then.

So i do in the night.

should i straighten my hair in the night and then quickly in the morning?

Or Just In th morning,



Oh btw i use a hair straightener :]

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

Wash it at night then blow dry it and straighten it... all you will need to do in the morning is touch it up with the flat iron. After you straighten in at night then just pull it together and put a loose scrunchy in it so it stays somewhat straight and easier and quicker to do in the a.m.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

just go wavy for the mrng instead if u wont wake up early to do ur hair straight

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

just blow dry it at night and then straighten it in the morning.

thats what i do during winter. (:

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

Just in the am, be sure to use a good leave in conditioner if you straighten everyday. It can "fry" your hair.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

Well, personally, I shower at night, and then I let my hair dry. I never try and straighten my hair when it's wet. I usually wait until the morning, and I straighten it then. I know it can be time consuming, but it gives it a freshly straightened look.

Also, if your hair is dry by the time you're ready for bed, you could always straighten it at night, and then touch it up in the morning?

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

I would try washing %26amp;%26amp; drying at night; sleeping with it up in a bun or pigtails. Then in the morning, it is nice and "aged" for you to straighten. :D

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

depends on your hair. Sometimes that can really damage someones hair. I straighten mine at night because it doesn't go crazy when I sleep, then all I have to do is fix a few pieces of hair in the morning and I am done. If you don't have hair like this it could be a problem.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

straighten your hair at night and then straighten your hair in the morning to get all of the little hairs that got bed curls in them out.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

Well if your hair is like which is super curl, then do it at night then just give it a quick touch up. that well take less than 5 min.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?

If you have longer hair you could try washing it at night and wrapping it around your head over night.

Basically you comb and pin your wet hair around your head (you can also use 1-2 big Velcro type rollers on the top of your head)

You would still have to do some straightening in the morning, but it would be a lot faster.

If that doesn't work I would do a simple blow-dry with a round brush at night (don't use the flat iron) Then in the morning do the more detailed straightening.

I Want My Hair Straight ............?


My mom let her classmate do that on her and it took her hair over 2yrs to return to normal

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