Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flicky hair?

My hair is incredibly flicky, which would be okay if the flicks were all in the right direction. I have short layers in my hair and the layers flick one way, the tips of my hair on the right side flick another way, and on the left side they flick all random ways!

And my hair is always out of shape even when I straighten it (with my remington slim ceramic hair straighteners)

Can anyone suggest any good hair products or straighteners that will keep it in shape or hold down the flicky bits!

By the way I live in England so no stuff you can only get in the USA please


Flicky hair?

Yes I know exactly what you mean...I used to have flicky hair too! I bought ghds and they are the best straighteners. Used to have Remington but didn't find them any good, ghds are the only answer!

Flicky hair?

whats flicky?

is that somthing in england?

Flicky hair?

Lee Stafford stuff from boots is great, i use the messed up gunk to hold my hair curly but it's also great for the ends of your hair to smooth it down when it's straightened :)

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