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Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

does any-one no of any good products to repair my hair? i use hair straighteners every day and my hair is very brittle and is snapping and also wont grow do you no anything that will help except not using my straighteners :( ? xx

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

you'll need to trim them off. after doing so, use conditioner everyday!

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

use a heat protector

bed head- head rush is good

so is treseme heat protector

put it on when ur hairs wet an iit protects it from the hairdryer straightners etc

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

go see a barber

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

do u blow ur hair wen wet? if so try blow dryers first, blow dry it stright then jsut use ur strightener for touch ups. Also if u do it for everyday, on the weekends wash it, put some repair creme on it or egg yorks, and let it sit, wash it out and and let ur hair have a break for the weekend just dont straighten.

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Shampooing makes your hair dryer....if that helps just dont shampoo everyday....everyother day would be best....

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

I'm afraid to say it but you can't fix your hair. You will probably have to get it cut. What you can do in future is use protective heat proof sprays (tony and guy do a good one) you can spray it on before you use your straightners, also I got some TIGI Dumb Blonde Intensive conditioner, they only sell it through hairdressers but it's really good. You could try some Aussie 3 minute miracle also, that only costs about 鎷?. Good luck!

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Massaging vitapoint into your hair at night and putting on deep conditioning treatments in the morning (every day) - I had to do this once and it went on for weeks. Buy the best hair masque you can afford

I once over timed a hair colour and my hair became very brittle as well.

By the way i've just dumped my straighteners as my hair was becoming brittle - i just had the hairdresser cut me a different style.

Hope this helps


Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

condition condition condition...use anything that has the word 'conditioner' on it.

try getting a protein deep conditioning treatment at a salon.

also try rolling ur hair in rollers the night before so that u wont have to apply heat to straighten it.

dont shampoo every day

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Use deep conditioning treatments such as hair masks and hot oil treatments their not that expensive and you can do them yourself. leave in conditioners that you can spray into dry hair. Have regular trims and use heat protection spray before straightening.

If you lighten your hair eg. bleech highlights, going slighly darker blonde or light brown will make your hair look less dry.

If you have dark hair only use semi permenent dye as this wont break the hair.

If all fails try to straighten hair less often with better straighteners. Try not to blow dry let hair dry naturaly.

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

try osmo essence intensive deep moisturising mask, leave it in for about half an hour. it is really good i have brittle hair from extreme hair colours, but it leaves my hair really soft.

it should be in a wholesalers or ask you hairdresser about it.

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Hi my hair went like this and it was really bad,

May I Ask Which Hair Straighteners Are You Using ? I ask this because some just compleltly damage the hair loads even if they are expensive ones. I now use ghd and my hair is in really good condition as I dont need to use these everyday once you straighten it there that good you dont need to use them everyday. and my hair has started growning. I also dye my hair so you can imagine how damaged mine is at the moment.

All you need to do is go to the hairdressers and get all the dead ends cut off, and then use a really good Shampoo and Conditioner. I have started to use Aussie Miiracle moist and also the 3 min reconstructor in this range is brilliant. As I was told my hair was badly damaged by the hair dresser the other week back.

I would recommend using a hair masque in place of your normal contioner until it starts getting in better conditon, or use conditioner and the hair masuque one after the other.

I also started to use Tresemme shampoo and conditoner for Extra Dry Damged weak brittle hair and this is good for repairing also.

I now use a new hot oil from Avon Mediteranean oilve oil, its really good and its in a bottle so you can use as much as you like. I use this once a week and my hair is in better condition.

I would make sure you use these every other day or even everyday, I know your not suppose to wash your hair everyday but if hair is damaged it needs all the nourishement it can get.

The hair dresser recommended to me to use Frizz ease Miracoulous recovery hair mask, I went out and go some but I found it to leave my hair really flyaway but I think it all depends on your hair type.

Also after you have washed and conditioned towel dry hair and use a leave in conditoner also and a heat protection spray before you dry it, and spray some on before you use your straighteners too. But be careful and check the on you are using can be used on dry hair.

This is what I had to do before I got my hair to start growing again. I also stopped dyeing it as well. and its only started to break off once I have use a hair dye and the straighterners. So if you dye your hair I would recommend stopping doing that for a few months.

If you dont use hairdyes then change your hair straightners and do the above, as there is no way a person who needs to straighten there hair can not use them. My hair is like a frizz ball if I dont use them I rely on mine.

Also massage the scalp gently to increase the hair to grow.

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

You might want to give "K鑼卹astase R鑼卻istance" a try. This line has shampoos, masques and leave-in conditioners that could really help you (plus you can have some extra treatments from this brand done at the salon).

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

im a hairdresser o heres my advice, if possible get a trim every 3 weeks, do not brush wet hair, dont over condition because it just weighs your hair down and makes it look greasy, however some night get a conditioner, put it in damp hair, put a shower cap over it and sleep like that, then wash in the helps:)

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

go to a hairdressers and get a good conditioning treatment and a trim that should sort you out and then you can buy the product there

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Get 'carrot oil' really good for the hair, try and keep it in your hair over night, wash you hair and put in a good conditoner. Leave it in for 20 minutes wash it out, dry your hair, straighten and put in a good serum.

Dry,snapping hair! HELP!!!?

Use an intensive conditioner for very dry hair when you wash it and invest in a decent heat protection spray to spritz your hair with before you straighten. I like the one GHD does-its called iron oil and it proper does the trick and makes your hair really shiny and leaves it in good condition.

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