Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty/Hair questions?

I have a couple of Beauty Questions

1. Is there any liquid foundation that makes your skin look somewhat flawless. I don't want it to look like I have on a ton of make-up though b/c I am only 14. I need a reliable brand please.

2. Are there any good hair straighteners out there that have a reasonable price?

3. I have tried Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo and Conditioner and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and neither really made my hair straighter. Are there any shampoos out there that do this? I don't want it to make my hair greasy though.

4.What is a good heat protecting spray, gel, or serum. One product I tried was Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine serum and that made my har look greasy. I also tried something my hair stylist gave me and it smelled good but once I straightened my hair, my hair stunk.I need something that smells good even after you straighten your hair + I don't want to use something that makes my hair sizzle when I straighten i

Beauty/Hair questions?

I don't use liqid foundation because I don't need heavy coverage, but I do use stick foundation on cheeks, nose and chin to cover up trouble spots. I am currnetly using Bobbi Brown stick foundation and it is working for me.

As far as serum goes I like John Frieda's Hair serum becasue it smooths frizz and adds a brilliant shine.

Personally, I don't know much about straightening shampoos, but I don't think they are effective for thick frizzy hair, sice I tried KMS brand.

Beauty/Hair questions?

The best beauty tip you will ever recieve:

Your curly hair is probably way prettier when its wavy or curly. And don't put that stuff on your face until you are like 60 and have to.

Beauty/Hair questions?

well first for the makeup try M.A.C it works really good and they help you match up your skin color

second, far as hair straighter get a relaxer or blow dry your hair in small sections by applying hair wax , this helps the hair to stay straight, keep the frizz out, good on heat and it molds your hair in what ever style that you are doing after you have done that wrap your hair up around in a circle and tie it up with a scarf so it can stay fresh.

Beauty/Hair questions?

1. If u have nice skin already and ur young u don't need makeup enjoy it while ur young cause when u get older then u really may need makeup to cover up crows feet and wrinkles!

But if u want to try those mineral makeups they're better for skin try bare essentials,i.d. go to sephora's. Ther's also netrogena makeup go to their website and they have a custom tool to help u find the right product. You just have to do a little research ya know!

2.Try the Andis hair straigtners they're ceramic and tormaline and they make ur hair silky straight and they range from $20-50 dollars go to their website or walmart and CVS they have them.

Beauty/Hair questions?

foundation is so bad for your skin, I used to use foundation and my skin would always break out and once I stopped using it My skin looked better than ever. anyone younger than 30 shouldnt cover up there young good skin. anyways.. any matrix hair product is the way to go. you can only find them in salons. They have anti friz gel to put on before blowdrying to protect and they also have a gold heat spray to protect before straightining. last, Id suggest lookin online for a straightner deal, but make sure its real ceramic or else it can damage hair

Beauty/Hair questions?

Estee lauder will give you a perfect non heavy flawless finish.

the above is the item which you should get for flawless finish.

or you could use a tinted moisturiser.

babyliss hair straighteners cheap but are professional.

The shampoos have silicone in them to coat the hair when you use the straighteners, the shampoo will not work by itself it does need the hair to be dried then straightened.

Lanza Strait Line Smoother - Not only will it straighten your hair - it controls frizz and static electricity use this product as well as the straighteners.

above is the site

above is straightline which protects the hair against heat etc, If your wanting something to make your hair small good after all your styling use

Charles Worthington 'Head in the Clouds' Hair Perfume or

Coco Mademoiselle hair mist

Beauty/Hair questions?

I'm 14 Too :).

1. This is not a foundation but it's a tinted moisturiser. I've used it before and it makes your skin have a very natural and flawless look.

If you are from America (i'm from uk) then you might not be able to find this.

2. The hair straighteners I use are Ghd and they are really reliable although they are quite expensive ranging from around 鎷?0-鎷?00. FHI is also a good make. If you are from America this link may not be so helpful though :

3. How about Sunsilk straightening shampoo and conditioner. It sort of worked for me but I think it only works on certain Hairtypes. You should give it a try though.

4. Tresemme Heat defense styling spray. It works great for me.

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