Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

i've just dyied my hair to blonde. it's not really nice color but is so demaged without shine, and hard to straighten.(i have philips hair straightener)

what can i do with my hair?

i'm not from US neither UK


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Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

Condition condition condition! You can go to your local cosmetology school and get a reconditioner for $3 to $5 dollars. Also, I would recommend using a shampoo and conditioner made for damaged hair. For immediate results, you can use a shine serum on your hair after you wash and before you use any heating tools on your hair. ALSO, if you can, try not to straighten your hair all the time. If you absolutly must, use a lower heat setting. If your iron is too hot, your hair is almost immediately damaged.

I hope this helps.

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

Try getting a good conditioner, like none of your frizzness by herbal essecens or something like that

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

well go to your hair salon and ash her for some produces that will help your shine and or to help or make it strait!

till then put it in a pony tail and put a head band in

or just a headband

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

Try pantene for blonde dyed hair. Or John Freida's for brilliant blondes.

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

buy a shine spray and straightening lotion for your hair

Shiny, silky blonde hair??? help pls?

Your best to use a good shampoo and conditioner first. Then I suggest you buy a leave in conditioner with frizz control. I know Infusium has a lot of good products but there are also a ton of other products.

If your constantly straightening your hair, make sure you use a ceramic head and use a leave in conditioner to help repair the damage.

Straighteners and dyes used constantly will never restore damaged hair, it will make it worse and you'll lose the natural shine. Your best to go back to your natural hair color and give your hair time to recover.

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