Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to get perfect "zig zag" wavy hair?

I mean not random wavy hair but perfect creases on long hair, look at the pic for reference .

How can I get them without much stress for the hair?

I have naturally wavy hair but I don't like the random look and I want to avoid hair straightener all the time

How to get perfect "zig zag" wavy hair?

More easy than you think...I wear my hair like this 3 or 4 days of the week. Cute!

Apply just enough leave in conditioner and a light natural moisturizer to cover your hair, don't forget the underside and your ends.

Part your hair into quarters. Work with one area at a time.

Comb through from root to tip, then twist, twist, twist your hair until it starts to get tighter and curve up into a ball against your head.

Keep twisting and MAKE SURE your twist your ends as well, otherwise they'll be completely straight. Secure with a scrunchie or something and allow to dry.

When dry, fingercomb through and voila!

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