Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guy scene/emo hair ideas???

my hair is getting longer, so im sure theres a lot of options i have. heres pics of me:

(im the dude on the right)

does anyone have any ideas that would look good on my head? my hair is really think and wavy, but i have a hair straightener and i get it thinned out once in awhile.

Guy scene/emo hair ideas???

Okay, I'm being a bit on the lazy side here. I found this article on wikihow, and wikihow is like a dog that will fetch the newspaper for you.

From what I can remember (aka: when I wanted scene hair), there's a lot more stuff on wikihow about it, so you should check around. Lurk around in perfection groups to get ideas from the people in there no matter how ridiculous those groups are. c: They usually have pretty amazing hair.

I'll stop being lazy for a second to offer this, though. Thin out your eyebrows. Get them plucked, waxed, whatever. Just make them smaller. I can tell you right now that whatever hairstyle you get in the 'emo/scene' category, those brows will not work with it. The hair is supposed to be the main focus of your head, and you don't want stuff detracting from your awesome new 'do, right?

Guy scene/emo hair ideas???

Emo style is extremely ugly..

Guy scene/emo hair ideas???

why get emo scene hair . whe you could get hardcore hair. grow it longer . make the part more severe. . and get a oli sykes hair cut !

check it out !

Guy scene/emo hair ideas???

Spike the back of your hair I guess..

theres nothing else too it =]

hair color doesn't matter I think but if you think it does..

dye it black with red streaks

(it doesn't have to be red but that was just an example)

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